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[08 Nov 2009|06:51pm]
Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers
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[07 Jun 2009|11:49pm]

adam avery o'riley • oriley rules
• was born march 26th 1981 in austin, texas to his singly mom, eileen o'riley. his father was always completely out of the picture.
• for a year they crashed with eileen's parents until they decided they were no longer interested in letting her live a carefree life with zero respect for responsibility
• eileen met pat, a floridian who she later claimed was the love of her life. he swept her off her feet and moved her and her son to key west to live with him. they got married.
• his childhood was pretty normal but he managed to some how turn into a delinquent, shoplifting and vandalism were his life.
• when he was 17 years old, at the beginning of his senior year of high school, adam stole a parked car only to joy ride and crash it into a seniors home. he was sent to juvie until he turned 18.
• once 18, he was granted the opportunity to escape his criminal record. he managed to get a good judge. he's kept out of trouble ever since.
• upon returning to tegesta high school, adam fell in love with [info]avajr at first sight. he later learned that she was with his once good friend and that relationship didn't work out very well at all.
• sometime before graduating from high school, adam was given an apprenticeship at a garage in key west where he learned the tricks of the trade. he now owns and runs his own shop.
• at the age of 21, adam met a woman with whom he was sure he could spend the rest of his life. finally a person who didn't seem to be going anywhere and who might have loved him as much as he loved her, karen dupree.
• it wasn't until karen discovered that she was pregnant when adam finally manned up and asked her to marry him. they had a small wedding with a few friends and family on his favorite beach in key west. he liked to joke that she was hiding the beach ball under her dress.
• their daughter, april lyn o'riley was born on the 4th of october, 2003
• 5 months after the birth of their wheezing little baby (more appropriately knick named cricket by adam), karen decided that she was going to the walmart to pick up some much needed items. she never returned.
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